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Orlando Building Restoration & Renovation

Building restoration services and building renovation are of the utmost importance when it comes to your properties. At EMA Engineering, our experienced engineers are well versed in implementing major building restoration projects as well as performing much-needed building renovations on older properties. Contact us for all your Tampa and Orlando, Florida, renovation and restoration needs.

Prolonging the lifespan of your building is an important part of protecting your assets. Deterioration of structures due to environmental conditions can come in many different forms, including moisture intrusion, fire damage, insect activity, differential foundation settlement, and high wind exposure. EMA Engineering offers building restoration services by providing a thorough damage assessment inspection, completing a report of findings for repair recommendations, as well as preparing drawings and specifications for permitting and construction.

Historic buildings create an important connection between the past and the present, and working within the established guidelines to restore these structures is difficult for those without the experience. Belt Engineering will work with your local preservation society to meet their standards and provide practical, long-term, historic building restoration solutions to conserve your structure’s historic qualities.

Building restoration services

and renovation service is a broad umbrella term that entails a wide variety of different actions. And the need for building renovation services can arise at any time—and for a myriad of reasons. You may be simply trying to increase the value of your property. Or maybe you need to meet the needs of your building tenants or are changing occupancies. Through adaptive reuse, facility upgrades, code enhancement, and relocation of structural components, EMA Engineering will make sure your Orlando , Daytona, and Tampa, Florida, building renovation project gets you the final product you were looking for. Below are a number of examples of the types of property that we have experience with renovating and restoring.

  • Historic Buildings
  • Parking Garages
  • Repair Documents & Details
  • Specifications
  • Structural Modification
  • Structural Peer Review
  • Condo Renovations
  • Concrete and Steel Repairs
  • Building Enhancement
  • Code Compliance Assessments
  • Structural Restoration
  • Construction Document Printing


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