Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

Finite Element analysis

EMA performs structural analysis by using Finite element analysis, which is a tool suited for validation and optimization in all fields of engineering. Finite element analysis experience involving global models as well as micro-engineering aspects of connection details have been carried out to client satisfaction. Requirements of FE analysis arises in various engineering problems associated with offshore structures including new designs, conversions, upgrades, life extension, decommissioning etc. Various global or local finite element models are developed in these projects to accurately simulate the linear/non-linear structural responses under complex loading conditions. FEMAP, SACS, Moses etc. are just a few of the software that are employed by our experienced team of engineers for finite element applications.

Performing finite element analysis

(stress, thermal, vibration & fatigue) of equipment – ensuring structural integrity, performance and reliability. This includes the design of new equipment and the analysis of existing equipment – to Engineering Codes including AWS, API and ASME.

The benefits of performing finite element (FEA) include:
Determining a structure’s response to mechanical, vibratory and other loads, thus solving design challenges without arduous manual iterations or prototyping
Optimizing designs for weight and fabrication/ cost savings

We have performed FEA on numerous components including high-rise buildings, structural peer review of design, building element stress analysis, pressure vessels or petroleum delivery pipeline finite element analysis, bellows, decanters and skids – whether determining why they prematurely failed, or to ensure they last intended design life.

We also perform FEA Analysis to develop repair procedures on welded & non-welded structures – as well as on complex structures in elevated temperatures that may have thermal/transient and elastic/plastic stress effects. Our (design, analysis & troubleshooting) projects include applications in the energy, mining, petrochemical industries.


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